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Understanding Medicare

We invite you to the library to learn more and get a better understanding of Medicare. Fred Ciccone of Allied Wealth Partners will be here to provide a presentation and answer any questions. An outline of the presentation is as follows:

  • The Components of Medicare (Parts A, B, C (also called Advantage Plans), D, Supplements) and how they work - what they cover and what they don’t – who provides them
  • The Enrollment Process
  • The Associated Costs of Medicare
  • Additional Benefits and Concerns
  • Special considerations for situations like disability, Medicaid, etc
  • Q & A

About Fred Ciccone

I am a financial professional currently working at Allied Wealth Partners in Paramus NJ.

When I first started working in this business (which is a second career) I was only providing Medicare supplements and part C plans to seniors which required compliance, understanding and explaining to seniors everything I’ve outlined in the above points. Even though I’ve expanded into other areas, I still provide Medicare to seniors and stay abreast of all the yearly changes through courses I take and readings. In addition, I’m now a senior and am on Medicare myself. This has given me some new insights in navigating the Medicare system which I hope to give everyone a feel for. 

Monday, October 16, 2023
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Wallington - JFK Memorial Library
BCCLS Library:
Wallington's John F. Kennedy Memorial Library
  Adults     Seniors  
  Special Event  

Registration is required. There are 18 seats available.

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Wallington John F. Kennedy Memorial Library