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Author: James Betz

Local author James Betz will discuss his debut novel, "Ralston Heights," which is based on the true history behind the Ralston Castle of Hopewell, New Jersey.

"Ralston Heights" is a unique hybrid of historical fiction and supernatural horror. Although the story is a fictional account of Hopewell's notorious castle, James will be discussing the authentic history behind the Ralston Health Club as well as the Castle's past proprietor, Webster Edgerly. James will also discuss how Edgerly's bizarre ambitions led to the establishment of the once prominent Ralston Purina Company. The overall presentation will explore the sinister origins of American breakfast cereals, and will include a detailed explanation behind what the "Ralston" in "Ralston Purina" actually stood for. James will also provide a thorough explanation for not only his book, but also the many strange facets behind the American Eugenics Movement, and how Central New Jersey's most well-known leaders (including figures such as Charles Augustus Lindbergh) once played a significant role in a horrific campaign for better health.

Wednesday, March 20, 2024
7:00pm - 8:00pm
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