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Remembering the NY World's Fair 1964-1965

Remembering the NY World's Fair 1964-1965

Join Alan Bernstein on this Zoom presentation celebrating the 60th anniversary of the New York World's Fair opening.

The 1964–1965 New York World's Fair was a world's fair that held over 140 pavilions and 110 restaurants representing 80 nations, 24 U.S. states, and over 45 corporations with the goal and the final result of building exhibits or attractions at Flushing Meadows–Corona Park in Queens, New York City.

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The 1964 World's Fair took place in New York in Flushing Meadow, Queens, and continued for 360 days, almost two full years. The event was part of a celebration that commemorated the 300th anniversary of New York City's British command forces gaining control of the Dutch city of New Amsterdam (which is now New York City) in 1664. The fair was a massive celebration that spanned 640 acres and featured 140 different pavilions. The site was also the same place where the 1939-1940 New York World's Fair was held.

The themes of the fair were "Man in a Shrinking Globe in an Expanding Universe" and "Peace Through Understanding," and most pavilions featured U.S. companies. In addition to the U.S. companies, there were also 21 state and 36 foreign pavilions.



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