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DINOMAN, ages 5+

DINOMAN, ages 5+

Registration requried for this Interactive Zoom show.

Look out! Dinosaur tracks lead right to your home! Have no fear, Dinoman is here!

With magic and merry mayhem the audience is taken on a trip throughout the mesozoic era. How do we know dinosaurs were here? What is a fossil? How are they made?

This program is fun and informative for all ages. Dinoman Dinosaurs! has garnered a “Best Bet” from the LA Times, quoted in the Wall Street Journal, and has appeared at the largest family celebration in the country—Boston’s First Night—fifteen times.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020
6:30pm - 7:30pm
Tenafly - Offsite
Tenafly Public Library
  Age - 10 years     Age - 11 years     Age - 12 months (1 yr)     Age - 5 years     Age - 6 years     Age - 7 years     Age - 8 years     Age - 9 years     Children  
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Registration is required. There are 27 seats available.

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